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  Emei Township is located at the South side of Hsinchu County which East side is connected with Beipu Township and North side is adjoined with Baoshan Township. The border of Emei is adjacent with Miaoli County, Sanwan Township, and Nanzhuang Township. Emei is one of the towns that is mainly surrounding by hills and mountains. The area of Emei is about 4680.10 hectare and it has covered 3.2% of the Hsinchu County.
  Emei Township was originally named Yuemei, it was named by the curved crescent moon shape of the Emei stream. In 1920, the governor had officially changed the name of “Yuemei” to “Emei”. Emei Township has not been develop until year 1834, Si Ye Li had ordered Xiu Luan Jiang to build 15 E lou in QianNan, and hired guarders to patrolling the area, they had also built “Jin Guang Fu” with Min Nan businessman and started to develop the areas such as Beipu, Emei, Baoshan. Jin Guang Fu had finally came to form after a succession of hard works, it is then becomes the center of Taiwan Administrative System.


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